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7th Annual Champalimaud Research Symposium in India

Champalimaud Foundation celebrates seventh anniversary of C-TRACER India with the annual Champalimaud Research Symposium in Hyderabad.

  1. 3.2.2014

    On February 2nd, the Foundation’s commitment to blindness prevention was in focus as the seventh annual Champalimaud Research Symposium was held in Hyderabad, India. In common with previous years, the event was opened by Foundation President, Leonor Beleza and the Founder of the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Dr. Gullapalli N. Rao, who welcomed the participants joining the meeting to discuss advances made over the previous 12 months, including the activities of C-TRACER 1.

    As always, the meeting saw strong participation from vision researchers who came to discuss a wide variety of themes from stem cell biology to genomics, passing through infections, recovery from complete or partial blindness, and public health research. Special attention was paid to the ongoing clinical research at the LV Prasad Eye Institute, particularly in the field of structural imaging of glaucoma, recovery of sensory functions after withdrawal of congenital vision, oculoplastic research, biomarkers for the progress of diabetic retinopathy and molecular phenotyping of congenital cataracts in humans.

    The annual Champalimaud Symposium at the LV Prasad Eye Institute, was created in the context of the work of C-TRACER 1 and strives to create a platform for reflection and evaluation of vision research achievements, as well as defining new avenues of research which may lead to the elimination of avoidable blindness.

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