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9th Annual Champalimaud Symposium in India

Vision experts from Europe and Asia meet in Hyderabad to discuss research and celebrate another year of innovation at C-TRACER

  1. 1.2.2016

    Celebrations and discussion were the order of the day in Hyderabad, India, on January 31st as the LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) hosted the 9th annual Champalimaud Symposium. This one day conference has become an important symbol of the Champalimaud Foundation’s commitment to blindness prevention, and is always a good opportunity to catch up with old friends and discover new research.

    The Champalimaud Symposium began on January 30th 2008 to officially launch the first C-TRACER facility in partnership with the LVPEI. And on this 9th edition, Foundation President, Leonor Beleza, was once again in Hyderabad to show her support and admiration for all involved in this initiative and the drive to find innovative solutions to vision disorders. As always, Mrs. Beleza was joined in the programme by Dr. GN Rao, Founder and Chairman of LVPEI, and Dr. D. Balasubramanian, LVPEI’s Director of Research.

    Foundation Vice President, João Silveira Botelho (far left), and President, Leonor Beleza (left), with LVPEI's GN Rao (right) and D. Balasubramanian (far right) at the 2016 Champalimaud Symposium

    For the 9th Annual Champalimaud Lecture, the C-TRACER team was pleased to welcome Prof. Sir Peng Khaw, from University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital. Prof. Khaw is an authority on the surgical and medical treatment of the refractory glaucomas, and his presentation made for a fascinating addition to the list of Champalimaud Symposium Lectures.

    Since its launch, C-TRACER 1 has become established as the world’s leading exponent of stem cell solutions to corneal disorders. Although the technique and technology behind this innovative form of treatment was initially established and carried out in the laboratory it has now developed into an exportable model which can be brought directly into the field to treat those in remote, rural communities. Drs Sayan and Mariappan joined the symposium programme to share their progress in this flagship area of the C-TRACER 1 activity.

    Since 2008 the C-TRACER 1 team has enlarged its scope to focus on two other primary areas of intervention. The Hyderabad team has developed a new form of chemotherapy for retinoblastoma cases and a range of activities are ongoing to develop new approaches to cancers of the eye. Drs Kaliki and Reddy shared their progress in these areas with the symposium attendees.

    And as the attendees heard from Drs Jalai and Kaur, work also continues to progress on Retinopathy of Prematurity and efforts to save newborn children from this blinding disease. On the clinical side, the CTRACER team has become established as the national leader in screening and treatment. And in research, the project to identify the biomarkers responsible for ROP progression has yielded significant results.

    So in this spirit of innovation, and in this drive to help those in need, the Champalimaud Symposium reached its 9th edition in Hyderabad. Work will continue at C-TRACER 1 throughout 2016 as the team at LVPEI continue to strive for excellence in vision research and clinical application.

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