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A year in review - Part 1 of 3

As 2016 comes to an end, we asked various members of the Champalimaud Team to tell us about their year, and their hopes for next year.

  1. 23.12.2016

    Clara Howcroft Ferreira - Postdoctoral Fellow
    One of the amazing aspects of being here at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is having the possibility to work with fantastic people beyond the direct realm of our research projects. In 2016, I have been involved in many other 'side projects', one of which is internal, to do with science careers, and another aimed at disseminating science and the scientific process.

    As a part of the science careers group, we have, so far, promoted 3 workshops, creating a space for scientists to reflect on their skills, and developing CV writing and design competences. With another, partly overlapping, group we launched the current format of the online Ar Magazine, and now have a steady monthly output of pieces in a variety of formats for the scientific-curious public.

    For 2017, we have many wishes and plans! On the science career front, beyond skill development and career awareness, we are aiming to work with national companies to understand how we could all benefit from having more scientists in multidisciplinary teams. With Ar Magazine, we aim to further boost our interactions with scientists and the public around the world. In the long run, we hope the public will actively participate in guiding our content.

    Jorge Gamito – Surgical Unit Head Nurse

    My expectations for 2016 consisted of my integration and, that of the people who came with me, into the fusion of the team, in the spirit and culture of the Foundation. That's why we talk about the team, as a collective. Above all, we should live up to the expectations that have been placed on us. This evaluation cannot be done by us, but the results and perception has been very positive so far.

    The highlight of the year, but also one of the biggest challenges, was helping to make the Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics meeting a success, a prestige, for the prestigious Foundation.

    For 2017, we will continue to try to align the strategic decisions of the Foundation, in the perioperative area. We also plan to collaborate in the necessary improvement of some processes and to give operational support to our surgical teams. Most importantly, we will continue to receive more patients, in the magnificent working conditions which the Foundation offers us, and endeavour to find the very best possible outcomes for them.

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