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Genomics will be in focus in the next Champalimaud Cancer Talk, on November 6th at 7pm. Registration now open.

Laura Van`t Veer, a world leader in applied genomics, will give the second Champalimaud Cancer Talks lecture on November 6th at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.

  1. 29.10.2013

    Following the lecture by the Nobel Laureate, Harald zur Hausen, the Champalimaud Foundation will welcome Laura Van´t Veer, from the University of California San Francisco, for a session on, “Show me the genes and I'll show you how to best treat the cancer.”

    Prof Laura van 't Veer, world leader in applied genomics and co-inventor of the 70-gene profile (MammaPrint™) will reveal the latest advances in genomics and biomarker research, their role in the better understanding of cancer and their clinical application for treatment-decision making leading to a true individualized cancer management.

    The conventional approach to cancer therapy, to treat according to the organ or tissue of origin and patients’ demographics, is gradually being replaced by a more personalised approach in which treatment choice is based on detailed knowledge of the genetic defects that underlie the oncogenic process in each individual tumour. As a result, we have witnessed the beginning of a shift from broadly acting cytotoxic drugs towards more specific and less toxic targeted therapies. At the same time, the annotation of the human genome has enabled the development of a new class of omics-based molecular diagnostics that help identify those patients who require therapy and those, which are most likely to benefit from such targeted therapies. Such molecular diagnostics overrules conventional staging and increasingly impacts patient management in daily practice as well as for development of companion diagnostics in clinical trials.

    This lecture is the second in the Champalimaud Cancer Talks series – a programme of talks open to the public and offering the opportunity to learn about the latest advances from the cutting-edge of cancer research and treatment. Entrance is free and, due to the limited number of available places, participants are kindly requested to register their participation online here.

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