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CF President is keynote speaker at NEI

Champalimaud Foundation President, Leonor Beleza, was in Maryland, USA, on February 24th to speak at the plenary session of the National Eye Institute’s Audacious Goals Meeting.

  1. 28.2.2013

    The NEI’s Audacious Goals Initiative is led by NEI Director and member of the António Champalimaud Vision Award, Paul Sieving, with the objective of identifying ambitious research goals worthy of NEI investment over the coming decade. The Audacious Goals Meeting was designed to discuss research ideas and analyse what vision research can bring to the national and international agendas of the USA.

    As one of the keynote speakers in the opening session, Leonor Beleza, was invited to bring her experience of operating on an global level and to share her experiences of leading an international Foundation with the invited participants.

    As firm believers in the power of international collboration and strong supporters of the fight against blindness, the Champalimaud Foundation has developed a strong network of international contacts. Through the 1 million euro António Champalimaud Vision Award, the international network of C-TRACERs (Champalimaud Translational Centres for Eye Research) and its support for the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, the Foundation is proud to be a part of the fight against vision disorders and blindness.

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