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Challenges in Laparoscopy and Robotics 2016

On June 9/10/11 2016 the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown will host the 2016 Challenges in Laparoscopy and Robotics meeting in Lisbon.

  1. 18.2.2016

    For programme, registration and event details please see here.
    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Lisbon for the European Meeting on Laparoscopic and Robotic Urologic Surgery.
    “Challenges in Laparoscopy and Robotics” has reached the 13th edition and the concept that initiated this adventure is quite alive and shows great potential for the future of Urology.
    The comprehensive scientific program will include live laparoscopic and robotic surgeries performed by the world’s most prominent urologic surgeons.
    In the past meetings, we have witnessed many challenging procedures. It is now time to expand our indications and to look forward to new challenges like the Trans-Douglas RARP, the Navigated Kidney surgery, the Robotic Orthotopic New Bladder, the Cava Thrombus in RCC, the retroperitoneal Robotic Partial Nephrectomy, the Retroperitoneal Lymphadenectomy and Challenging Radical Prostatectomies.
    We will have the best international speakers touching various topics like the Ideal partial nephrectomy, the current status of robotic cystectomy and diversion, Pudendal nerve release, Update of the Pasadena consensus meeting, Challenges in Robotic Prostatectomy and Immunotherapy for renal and bladder cancer.
    We are enthusiastically anticipating an extremely stimulating meeting.
    Live surgery, State of the art lectures, discussions and thought-provoking debates will take place with the participation of the best urologists in the International arena.
    There will be three monitors transmitting three different surgeries at the same time. Each delegate will be provided with headphones with the possibility to select the preferred moderation.
    We are very proud to host this 13th International Meeting in Lisbon in the well known Champalimaud Foundation on the border of the estuary of the Tagus.
    Lisbon is the perfect city for old antiquities and innovative techniques to convene.
    We hope that the challenging procedures that you will see will lead the way towards defining the future of Urologic Surgery.

    Renaud Bollens, Jorge Fonseca, Inderbir Gill, Vito Pansadoro

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