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Update on Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy for GI Oncology

Registrations are now open

We are pleased to invite free registrations for the first Gastro-oncology Endoscopy Workshop (GOEW), which will be held at the Champalimaud Foundation:

GI-oncology & Endoscopy Workshop (GOEW): "Update on diagnostic and interventional endoscopy for GI-oncology"

The purpose of this meeting is to provide an overview of the role of digestive endoscopy in the diagnosis and management of cancers of the GI tract, liver and pancreas, focused on practical management and demonstrations of the latest technologies and procedures. This involves tissue diagnosis, curative treatment of early neoplasias, palliative treatment and management of complications after surgery in a multidisciplinary environment.

The format of the meeting will include state-of-the-art lectures given by renowned international faculty members in collaboration with our local team and live demonstrations, which will offer the participants the possibility to interact with the experts, to ask technical questions in a “real life” setting. Part of these live demonstrations will be directly transmitted from the therapeutic endoscopy unit at the Champalimaud Foundation and another part from Erasme Hospital in Brussels. Several taped “best of“ live demonstrations from the last Gastroenterology and Endotherapy European Workshop (GEEW) will also be presented and discussed.

We believe this 2-day course will provide important and practical information for gastroenterologists and nurses involved in the management of patients with digestive cancers, as well as for surgeons and oncologists who will explore the possibilities of endoscopy in the multimodal management of these patients throughout the course of their disease.


Arnaud Lemmers - Brussels, Belgium

Carlos Carvalho - Lisbon, Portugal

Celso Matos - Lisbon, Portugal

Jacques Devière - Brussels, Belgium

Marc Giovannini - Marseille, France

Nuno Figueiredo - Lisbon, Portugal

Paulo Fidalgo - Lisbon, Portugal

Pierre Eisendrath - Brussels, Belgium

For further information please go to:


We hope to see you at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown on March.