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Inside CCU - Sérgio Casimiro and Soraia Rodrigues

Inside CCU: Welcome to the Glasswash and Media Preparation room, where we found Sérgio Casimiro and Soraia Rodrigues working hard as ever.

  1. 4.8.2016

    Sérgio Casimiro has worked at the Histology Platform here at the CCU for two years. In this photo, we can see him using the fuming hood to stain samples.

    “I like this part of my job – it’s actually quite relaxing to be in here, working with the samples, and of course it’s really rewarding when you can use the microscope to explore the seemingly invisible world of tissue structure. I use all kinds of delicate instruments and automated equipment as well as knives, chemicals and glass slides, which means that I need to have good hand-eye coordination.”

    Soraia Rodrigues is washing, sterilising and preparing the equipment that will be used in the laboratories of the CCU.

    “It’s not an area of the hospital that the patients usually think about too much, but the results of many procedures and experiments rely on the equipment and solutions, so it’s really important that we are really thorough and meticulous here. We have a great team, and we all get on really well together.”

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