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Inside CCU - Auditorium

Meet Tânia Pascoal, Event Manager at the Champalimaud Foundation

  1. 14.12.2016

    Inside CCU – the Auditorium: Tânia Pascoal has been Events Manager at the Champalimaud Foundation since 2012, organising the visits, conferences and meetings that happen here every day, many of which take place in our Auditorium. These range from medical conferences, scientific meetings and technical symposia, to product launches and corporate events.

    “The architecture of the Centre speaks for itself, but my favourite part has to be the huge window here in the Auditorium – it frames the river scene outside and sometimes it seems like a painting. I have brought visitors and clients in here and seen them open-mouthed at the view!”

    Tânia is part of the team that manages the space and produces these events, dealing with the logistics, catering, security, maintenance and many other details that make sure that everything runs smoothly. One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the technological advances that modern events demand – things like video mapping and live streaming, including several recent Live Surgery Demonstrations that were held at the Champalimaud Centre.

    “One of the comments we receive most commonly from guests regards the professionalism of our team, and we are really proud of that. Everyone – the audio-visual guys, the cleaners, the waiters – understands that this is a premium space in a prestigious setting, and their work reflects this. Of course, we have a lot of fun behind the scenes, too…”

    “The biggest event of the year is the António Champalimaud Vision Award, which takes place here in the outdoor Amphitheatre, weather permitting, and requires months of planning. Last year, we had musicians on top of the walls, and a floating screen in the river! But all of our efforts – for all of the events we hold here – are made worthwhile when you see the final production, and receive the feedback from the delighted guests.”

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