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Time for a break at the kiosk: let's meet Yuri Teixeira

  1. 28.4.2016

    At the Champalimaud Centre for The Unknown, we work hard every single day to improve our patients and staff's quality of life.

    And because the day gets easier with a coffee and a smile, today we introduce Yuri, one of our catering staff member.

    At the moment, we have 40 nationalities working at the Centre. Yuri is proud to be holding Cape Verde's flag: his own country.

    "It’s good to have so many nationalities working at the same place! It's a real pleasure to work in such a warm and open environment. In such a state-of-the-art research and medical facility, it's very nice to have areas where patients, families, medical and research staff can meet and talk in a relaxed ambience. That's where I work!"

    Yuri Teixeira

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