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New Invasive Techniques and Ambulatory Surgery Unit opens at the Champalimaud Centre

Late May saw the inauguration of the new wing of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre, dedicated to ambulatory surgery and designed to meet the increasing demand for this form of treatment.

  1. 18.6.2014

    The creation of this surgical facility will allow the Champalimaud Foundation to become self-sufficient in the provision of minimally invasive outpatient surgery, offering clear advantages in terms of maximising time, resources and patient comfort.

    The Invasive Techniques and Ambulatory Surgery Unit features a hybrid room that combines all the capabilities of an operating room with a set of high accuracy and definition medical imaging equipment. The unit is therefore able to offer both surgical and interventional radiology procedures with 3D intra-operative imaging. In oncology, the unit´s main areas of activity will focus on minimally invasive surgery of the digestive tract, liver, biliary tract, pancreas, urology, breast, gynaecology, bronchology, percutaneous and endovascular interventional radiology, and neurosurgery.

    The unit also has an Endoscopic Techniques Room (gastroenterology, bronochology, urology and gynaecology) with the capacity to perform sedation, from deep sedation to general anaesthesia, as well as a Recovery Unit comprising 4 armchairs and 4 fully equipped individual rooms with continuous monitoring of the health status of the patient.

    Dr. Nuno Figueiredo, Director of the Champalimaud Foundation´s Invasive Techniques and Ambulatory Surgery Unit, oversees a team of specialised professionals that drives the ambulatory surgery service and includes anaesthetists, nurses and operational assistants.

    With the creation of this new unit, the Champalimaud Foundation is well equipped to carry out the most up-to-date outpatient surgical procedures with the least possible trauma to the patient, always maximising quality of life and the fastest possible recovery time.    

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