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2017 Champalimaud Vision Award distinguishes extraordinary performance in supporting forgotten communities around the world

Today the winners of the 2017 António Champalimaud Vision Award are announced: the work of Sightsavers e CBM helps millions of people to live productively and independently.

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  1. The Doctor's Doctor

    Working behind the scenes, but hugely important to modern oncology – what exactly does a pathologist do?! We spoke to our Head of Anatomic Pathology Prof. António Lopez-Beltran about his career and the role of a pathologist in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
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  2. Thank you Professor Maria de Sousa

    The "Landscapes on Lymphocyte Itineraries" symposium was held at the Champalimaud Foundation yesterday, 26 May 2016. It was an event which celebrated science, curiosity, initiative and knowledge, but, above all, it paid tribute to Professor Maria de Sousa for her invaluable contribution to the current panorama of scientific research in Portugal.
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  3. The Hospital of the Future

    On Tuesday 24th May, Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent was a guest at the Champalimaud Foundation. He came to visit the facilities here and to speak at the latest of our “Cancer Talks” events: “The Hospital of the Future.”
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  4. ARVO/Champalimaud Lecture 2016

    World’s largest vision meeting celebrates the achievements of the 2015 António Champalimaud Vision Award laureates
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  5. Kicking the habit

    New study challenges scientific dogma on how the brain generates actions
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  6. Rebuilding from Conflict - the Power of Education in Emergencies

    One more Ar event, with Sultan Barakat, Jo Beall and Jorge Sampaio.
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  7. Rebuilding from Conflict – The Power of Education in Emergencies

    On the 11st March, Ar | Respire Connosco and the Champalimaud Foundation, in support of the Global Platform for Syrian Students, will convene a group of international experts to explore the impact of the Syrian crisis on students, and higher education’s fundamental role in rebuilding society.
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  8. A 'robotic' surgeon arrives at the Champalimaud Foundation

    'One patient, one solution'
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