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A 'robotic' surgeon arrives at the Champalimaud Foundation

'One patient, one solution'

  1. 24.2.2016

    With the Clinical Champalimaud Centre on the verge of opening its new surgical and hospitalisation wing, the Champalimaud Foundation is redoubling its efforts to provide the most appropriate therapy to each of its patients, using 'tailored therapy': "the Champalimaud Clinical Centre will provide a range of responses, from active surveillance to, if necessary, minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery, in accordance with the most exacting international standards, and soon the most advanced level of robotic surgery", according to Prof. Nuno Figueiredo, the surgeon responsible for this system’s installation.

    With this facility, the first of its kind to operate in Portugal, the Champalimaud Clinical Centre will possess the most sophisticated surgical intervention technology supporting its surgeons. This version offers 3DHD vision, with high contrast, smaller surgical tools and a new viewing platform for biomarkers. The surgeon can follow, in real time, the vascularization of tissue, allowing for the proper removal of non-vascularized tissue.

    The new system will be available shortly, with our surgical teams currently training in its proper use.

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