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Rui Costa receives ERC support for 'Brain Control'

The CF's Rui Costa has been awarded a European Research Council grant for his 'Brain Control' proof of concept project

  1. 30.1.2016

    Researchers Edgar Gomes, from the Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM Lisbon), António Jacinto, from the Chronic Disease Research Centre – School of Medical Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon (CEDOC-NMS |FCM) and Rui Costa, from the Champalimaud Foundation (CF), received, respectively, 150 000 euro from the European Research Council for their Proof of Concept projects.

    Brain Control

    Controlling a machine with brain activity is no longer mere science fiction. Actually, Brain Machine Interfaces bring great promise for neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-prosthesis, as well as for brain control of everyday devices and performance of simple tasks.

    The challenge is now to bring this technology to simple tasks of everyday life and this is exactly the focus of the Proof of Concept proposed by the group led by Rui Costa, principal investigator from the CF.

    Brain Control
    Picture by Gabriela Martins.

    The aim of the Brain Control is to develop a prototype of a Brain Machine Interface with unique features. “Our proposal is to develop a Brain Machine Interface portable, easy to use and adaptable to different equipment. We want to develop something that has an impact on society, which offers an improvement in people’s lives, whether in health care, entertainment or other, “said Rui Costa.

    With this funding, the group will develop new algorithms and hardware so that the Brain Machine Interface can become a product that offers benefits to patients and the society at large.

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