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The Champalimaud Foundation’s New “Comprehensive Metastasis Centre"

The Champalimaud Foundation’s newest programme was recently announced, operating within the framework of understanding, preventing and treating cancer metastases.

  1. 2.6.2017

    The metastases that affect distant vital organs are the most devastating feature of cancer progression, and are responsible for most of the deaths associated with this disease.

    Therefore, alongside the work that has already been developed by Champalimaud Research and the Champalimaud Clinical Center, the new Champalimaud Foundation cancer research centre is added: the Comprehensive Metastasis Centre.

    The new Comprehensive Metastasis Centre will forge links between research and the clinic through the collaboration of professionals in both areas on common projects (researchers integrated into clinical pathology units, and doctors integrated into research groups), bringing to reality the concept and basic methodology adopted by the Champalimaud Foundation, which seeks to reduce the distance between research developed in the laboratory and the clinical application of the achieved scientific advances. 

    Dr. Bruno Costa-Silva (Researcher); Prof. António Parreira (Clinical Director) and Prof. Celso Matos (co-director of Champalimaud Research)

    According to Professor Celso Matos, Co-Director of Champalimaud Research, this Centre "will investigate why tumour cells have the capacity to survive and proliferate at distant sites with a specific organ distribution. The focus will be on translating the complex biology behind these pathological processes to diagnostic and treatment approaches, and will be based on data generated from biological samples collected from patients at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre."

    To achieve these objectives, in addition to the establishment of multidisciplinary teams containing researchers and clinicians, and the promotion of regular meetings of the constituent elements, investment has been made in the development of new concepts and approaches to cancer research, constantly supported by a framework of educational initiatives, including symposia and seminars dedicated to the field of metastatic cancer. 

    The new lab, installed on the first floor of the Champalimaud Foundation - just above the Clinical Centre, will be equipped with the most advanced and most accurate equipment to conduct research. Teams made up of the best professionals from around the world in this field will develop their pioneering work right here. 

    Upon entering the main building of the Champalimaud Foundation, merely raise your eyes to look through the "window of hope" - as the architect Charles Correa called it – and you will see teams working toward a common goal, making advances that will have a direct impact on the lives of those who suffer from oncological disease.

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