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The Champalimaud Foundation at ARVO-Asia 2017

It was with great pleasure that the Champalimaud Foundation accepted the invitation to participate in this year's ARVO-Asia Conference, ending today, 8th February.

  1. 8.2.2017

    This year saw Brisbane, Australia, welcome more than 1,000 participants for ARVO-Asia 2017. Between the 5th and 8th February, the vision and ophthalmology community, particularly that from the Asia-Pacific region, gathered to discuss how to bridge disciplines to most effectively translate the results of eye research into positive health outcomes for people around the world suffering from eye diseases.

    Within the framework of the strong association between the Champalimaud Foundation and ARVO, Leonor Beleza, President of the Champalimaud Foundation, participated in this important meeting by delivering the Keynote Plenary Lecture. In every way, the Champalimaud Foundation thrives on making this connection a reality, closing the gap between fundamental research and its effective use for the benefit of all; a principle that is exuded from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown’s architectural features, to the work methodology and collaborations established. In the vision field, the Champalimaud Foundation’s C-Tracer network and the annual Champalimaud Vision Award epitomise the strong belief in the benefits of swift knowledge transfer from research to development of actual tools for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Not only that, the Champalimaud Foundation is also a firm advocate for the recognition of the extremely important work done all over the world in this field, as made clear by Leonor Beleza's invitation addressed to all the scientific community present: “Scientists. Speak out about your work and build bridges” as the Foundation is determined to build its own.

    This ARVO-Asia 2017 meeting precedes the 2017 ARVO Annual Meeting that will take place in Baltimore, between the 7th and 11th May, and where the Champalimaud Foundation will address the ARVO/Champalimaud Vision Award Lecture celebrating the work of the 2016 António Champalimaud Vision Award recipients.

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