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This is a day in the life of... a Patient Manager

On Thursday, we spent the day with Carla Martins, one of the Patient Managers in the Urology Unit of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC).

  1. 27.3.2016

    On Thursday, we spent the day with Carla Martins, one of the Patient Managers in the Urology Unit of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC). With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychology, she is one of the points of contact between the CCC and its patients. We value the personalisation of healthcare, and the role of Patient Manager provides exactly that – a single contact point with the institution, through which our patients know that they can make appointments for treatments or tests, find out their results and receive all of the information that they may need.

    Carla has been a Patient Manager here for over 2 years. She particularly enjoys the personal relationships she builds up with her patients, as well as healthcare in general. She crosses the Tagus river daily to arrive at the CCC with an energy and spirit which she passes on to her patients. This is Carla’s day through photos, in her own words:

    I chose this picture because it shows me calling one of my patients, to inform them that the result of their examination is in. It's not something I do often, but the result was available sooner than expected and I always try to minimize the anxiety and apprehension of my patients.

    I remember this patient really well! Every time he comes for a check-up in another Unit, he comes here to leave me a treat – in this case, a lollipop. It's always uplifting to see our work recognised and many of my patients, when they come to the CCC, pass through here just to come say hi or leave a cake or a keepsake. This work is a constant education, and full of heartwarming gestures.

    Our patients are the top priority, so we always try to gather the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible. Whenever we ask for additional documents, for example medical records to present to an insurer or to a family doctor, we aim to process this swiftly. That’s what I’m doing in this picture, working with Dr. Jaime Santos, one of our urologic oncologists, who is always very helpful.

    I like my colleagues in my team a lot. In the Champalimaud Foundation we are respected and, besides that, as a team we support each other whenever one of us needs it, without hesitation. This photo shows myself and two colleagues taking a break at the kiosk near the entrance, a tranquil space that everyone can enjoy, professionals, patients and their families.

    In this photograph I’m with a patient on the terrace above the garden, taking advantage of the spring sunshine. I'm explaining a cost estimate, and the pre-authorisation request for the insurance company. This terrace offers a relaxing atmosphere, a quiet moment where my patient and I can talk at ease.

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