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Workshop: The Liver Beyond Surgery in Colorectal Metastatic Disease

Register Online Registrations are now open for the workshop on the treatment of liver metastasis from colon and rectal tumours, focusing on minimally invasive procedures - 18th November 2016.

  1. 28.7.2016

    On 18th November, at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, the Champalimaud Foundation will hold a workshop on the treatment of liver metastasis from colon and rectal tumours, focusing on minimally invasive image guided procedures.

    The panel of speakers includes internationally recognised specialists from the different areas related to the treatment of this form of oncologic disease, including surgery, oncology, interventional radiology, hepatology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

    This meeting will focus on percutaneous ablation (radio frequency ablation, microwave ablation), radiation therapy (SBRT) and regional intra-arterial treatment techniques (radioembolisation with yttrium-90, chemoembolisation and intra-arterial chemo infusion).

    These methods are very useful tools in the multidisciplinary approach to the disease, in different scenarios when they are used and integrated into a global treatment strategy that includes curative intent and downstaging, and this extends to an exclusively palliative standpoint.

    After a review of the origin of colorectal cancer cell metastasis in the liver, and the established indications for surgery and various forms of chemotherapy, the current state of different minimally invasive methods will be described and their results will be comparatively assessed, in the context of colon and rectal metastasis, based on evidence from major international series at different stages of the disease.

    The place of these techniques within current guidelines - indications, contraindications and results - and their potential future roles will be discussion topics that we hope to extend to the audience.

    To close the workshop, and in the hope of creating a stage for the interchange of experiences, a case based discussion session will be held. This aims to recreate the atmosphere of a multi-disciplinary team. A series of cases, representative of the most common “points of attrition” in the decision making process in different scenarios of colorectal liver metastatic disease will be presented for discussion.

    For more information on the provisional programme, registration process and fees, please go to the dedicated workshop webpage, here.

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