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Workshop on Human Brain Project: A roadmap for Portugal

Event programme

In a joint initiative of the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), the Champalimaud Foundation welcomed around 160 members of the national scientific community to a workshop on "New Brain Technologies: a roadmap for Portugal." This meeting was held in ...

  1. 28.6.2013

    Champalimaud Foundation President, Leonor Beleza, opened this workshop, which saw participation from Henry Markram, Director of the Human Brain Project, the European Commission's Daniel Pasini, and the FCT's Catarina Resende Oliveira and Eduardo Maldondo. These speakers were joined by numerous other participants seeking not only to learn more about the FET flagships and, in particular the HBP, but also to discuss the possibility of creating synergies to maximise the potential of this pan-European project.

    Following a brief overview of the agenda and next steps for the HBP, including international calls which will be launched later this year and in early 2014, the participants were given the opportunity to become better acquainted with the different platforms (Neurobiotics, Neuromorphic Computing, Medical Informatics) which will be created through this project.

    Understanding of the human brain is considered to be one of the last scientific frontiers. The HBP strives to concentrate our existing knowledge and reconstruct it, piece by piece, through models and simulations by a supercomputer. These models will open doors to understanding the brain and its associated diseases, as well as allowing the development of new computational and robotic technologies with practical applications in medicine.

    The HBP currently involves more than 200 investigators, including the CNP's Zachary Mainen and Rui Costa, making the Champalimaud Foundation the only Portuguese institution involved in the project. Following the June 26th workshop, possibilities may arise for other national research groups to participate in this ambitious project which strives to unravel one of the great scientific mysteries.

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