Fly Platform

Fly Platform

The CF Fly Platform is a multi-room facility central to all CF researchers using Drosophila as a model system. This platform offers state of the art conditions for Drosophila breeding, maintenance and manipulation, supporting researchers in establishing, applying and developing advanced genetic methods.

The CF Fly Platform is equipped with 6 walk-in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers for Drosophila breeding/behavior, 15 CO2 anesthesia stations equipped with scopes for basic manipulation, dissection scopes, microscope and injector for transgenic generation and a dedicated fully equipped kitchen, for fly medium production.

The Platform has dedicated staff to ensure proper functioning of all shared equipment that also provide technical services to all users. Importantly, the highly trained Platform team will perform high-quality, standardized and reproducible routine protocols and specialized, technically demanding services, difficult to carry out in individual labs and often outsourced.

Fly Platform


Fly Platform

Know our Team

Isabel Campos, PhD

Group Head

Ana Rita Pereira

João Cruz

Project Manager

Patrícia Valentim

Research Technician

Liliana Costa

Senior Technician

Ana Paula Reis


Carina Monteiro


Catarina Craveiro


Teresa Gomes


Zichiena Zovo


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