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Oliveira-Maia Lab

Oliveira-Maia Lab

The Neuropsychiatry Unit started in 2013 as an interface between the Champalimaud Clinical Centre and the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme. We are dedicated to clinical care and translational research in mental and behavioural health, focusing on areas that are close to research interests in neuroscience under development at Champalimaud Research. Here, psychiatrists and psychologists delivering care at the Clinical Centre work with other clinical and non-clinical researchers to deepen knowledge about neuropsychiatric disorders and their treatment.


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To find out more about our lab, contact Albino Oliveira-Maia via email.

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Oliveira-Maia Lab


Oliveira-Maia Lab

Know our Team

Albino Oliveira-Maia, MD, PhD

Group Leader

Alexandra Belchior

External PhD Student

Ana Fernandes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ana Maia

PhD Student

Bernardo Barahona-Corrêa, MD, PhD


Berta Sousa

External PhD Student

Carolina Seybert

Postdoctoral Researcher

Daniel Silva

Clinical Research Fellow

Diogo Melo

Research Technician

Filipa Barros

Postdoctoral Researcher

Francisco Viana

Masters Student

Gabriel Costa

Postdoctoral Researcher

Gonçalo Viegas Cotovio

PhD Student

Maria João Susano, MD, PhD

External Postdoctoral Researcher

Pedro Correia Ferreira

PhD Student

Raquel Lemos

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sofia Marques

Lab Administrator


Oliveira-Maia Lab

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