14 April 2024

Professor Maria de Sousa: an Homage

Four years after her death, the Champalimaud Foundation pays tribute to the notable scientist and Professor Maria de Sousa, with an art exhibition inspired by her scientific legacy, created by Pedro Cabrita Reis.

Professora Maria de Sousa: a homenagem

This Sunday, April 14th, to commemorate four years since her passing, the Champalimaud Foundation honoured the memory of researcher Maria de Sousa, renowned globally as a pivotal figure in the field of Immunology.

The ceremony took place at the Champalimaud Foundation, with the inauguration of an exhibition showcasing an art collection by Pedro Cabrita Reis, representing Maria de Sousa's research and inspired by her curiosity and permanent quest for knowledge.

According to Leonor Beleza, President of the Champalimaud Foundation, "Professor Maria de Sousa made significant contributions to our country and our scientific community, as well as to the Champalimaud Foundation. She embodied the qualities of a pioneering scientist and a cosmopolitan woman, demonstrating immense dedication and love for her homeland. Her return to Portugal in 1985, coinciding with the country's early days in the European Union, marked a crucial moment. She played a pivotal role in ensuring that scientific funding reached those with the greatest capability and drive."

Professor Maria de Sousa, following her medical training, embarked on a distinguished research career that spanned the United Kingdom, the United States, and Portugal, where she played a critical role in establishing training programmes and mentoring numerous young scientists, leaving an indelible mark on their careers.

The art created by Pedro Cabrita Reis in honour of Professor Maria de Sousa, and now released, will be permanently showcased at the Champalimaud Foundation, next to the research laboratories.


Professora Maria de Sousa: a homenagem
Professora Maria de Sousa: a homenagem
Pedro Cabrita Reis - Professora Maria de Sousa: a homenagem
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