Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In Autumn 2020 the Champalimaud Foundation were successfully awarded the HR Excellence in Research award status.

The award reflects institutional commitment to continuously improve policies and procedures for our researchers, from recruitment and appraisal to broader improvements of the research environment beyond what may be viewed as traditional “HR”, such as biosafety, data management, communications, mentoring, training, career development, equality strategy and conduct. 

The award is granted following the independent review of our submitted 5-year Action Plan by EURAXESS, an initiative launched by the European Commission aiming to promote research as a valid career and facilitate mobility, ensuring all EU states have equal access to the best researchers. 

The interim review of our 5-year Action Plan is now under submission. 

All research and support staff constitute the target group for the HR Strategy and Action Plan. 

Follow our progress as we proactively work to align our research environment with global best practices.


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