• COVID-19
Unity of Purpose Against SARS-CoV-2
Fundação Champalimaud

An alliance between clinical cancer and infectious

disease research

Clinical Immunology is at the crossroad where biologically and clinically relevant research intersect with clinical practice in infectious disease and cancer, yet there is often not a structured cross-fertilizing interface between these disciplines.

Immunological approaches in vaccination, clinical management in biological, cellular therapy in cancer and infectious diseases share many communalities. A structured and open interface with exchanging clinical data, design of clinical studies and treatment concepts will benefit both fields, cancer immunotherapy and host-directed therapies – where the immune response of the patient is actively manipulated to achieve a more favorable outcome. A clinical research consortium, now with a particular focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, entered into a strategic alliance with the aim to better understand the nature of COVID-19 pathophysiology and to design rationally based treatment concepts.


Partner Institutions

Global Alliance

Internationally recognised cancer centers and centers for infectious diseases work together to change the course of COVID-19. The founders of this consortium see the immediate benefit for both fields, infectious disease and cancer, and are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration in research and clinical developments. The consortium is open in a ‘unity of purpose’ for other participants. against-cancer-and-infection@fundacaochampalimaud.pt



To access the COVID-19: Against-Cancer-And-Infection Consortium full list of publications, click on the link bellow.


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