15 a 19 Apr. 2024

Principles of Light Microscopy Course

The ABBE Imaging Facility at the Champalimaud Foundation, in collaboration with the microscopists' community of the Lisbon-Oeiras area and ZEISS, is proud to announce the first edition of the Advanced Course on the Principles of Light Microscopy.

Principles of Light Microscopy Course

Location & Dates: Champalimaud Foundation, April 15th -19th 

Application deadline: March 1st

Acceptance notification: March 15th

Cost: €150 (payment deadline March 22nd)

Capacity: 20 Students


The course is scheduled to take place at the Champalimaud Institute in Lisbon from April 15 to April 19, 2024, and will be limited to 20 students.

The objective of the course is to provide participants with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the basics of image formation and microscopy, from light sources to detectors. This will be achieved through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practical sessions. The course features a unique format with ten specialised teachers and ten microscopes dedicated to the 20 attendees throughout the week.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore optical elements, understanding their functions, and learning how to tune and align them, all while working with screwdrivers in hand. 

The course is thoughtfully structured to accommodate participants with different levels of expertise, from those who have never received microscopy training to those who know how to operate a microscope, and it will contribute to grow critical understanding of basic and advanced imaging techniques, including the principles of optical development.

Key topics:

- Optical principles (light properties, refraction, diffraction, ray optics and magnification);
- Properties and aberrations of lenses;
- Conjugate planes and alignment through Köhler illumination;
- Light sources (Halo lamps, Fluo lamps, LED and Lasers);
- Filters (principles, characteristics and how to choose one);
- Objectives (principles, characteristics and how to choose one);
- Resolution (Abbe’s law);
- Enhancing contrast techniques:
        - Phase Contrast;
        - Differential Interference Contrast (DIC);
        - Polarised light microscopy;
        - Dark-field Microscopy;
        - Fluorescence;
- Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem;
- Detectors (Cameras and PMTs, principles, characteristics, and how to choose one);
- Confocal Microscopy (theoretical principles).

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Detailed programme here.

The course fee of €150 includes coffee-breaks and lunches.

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