18 June 2024

What am I looking at? A Skin-deep Secret


 What am I looking at? A Skin-deep Secret

We all have freckles and spots on our bodies of different shapes, sizes and textures. Most of these are perfectly safe and healthy, but some are not - knowing how to tell the difference could be life-saving. The CF Dermatology Unit provided this image and, with a little help from AI, let’s find out what we are looking at this week!

‘What am I looking at?’ is here to showcase some of the incredible images created at the Champalimaud Foundation in a fun and accessible way, but if you do have any unusual blemishes, freckles, moles etc. (especially if they have changed size, shape, texture), always consult your dermatologist. Early diagnosis is essential.

Original Idea: John Lee
Concept Development & Curation: António Monteiro, Carla Emilie Pereira, Catarina Ramos, Diana Cadete, Hedi Young, João Van Zelst, John Lee, Marta Correia and Teresa Fernandes
Source (Text & Image): Champalimaud Foundation's Dermatology Unit
Script: Hedi Young and John Lee
Design: Carla Emilie Pereira
Narration: Hedi Young and Marta Correia
Sound: João Van Zelst
Translation: Catarina Ramos
Dissemination: Diana Cadete
What am I looking at? A Skin-deep Secret
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