Multiple Myeloma (MM)

Development of a software tool for assessing treatment response of patients with MM.

Whole-body (WB) diffusion weighted (DW) images assessed by visual inspection and observer scoring are potentially useful for response evaluation in myeloma. Quantitative measurement of bone marrow apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) by using a volumetric segmentation technique is repeatable in normal volunteers and myeloma patients. ADC histograms derived from segmented tumor regions on WB DW images show potential as a biomarker of response in myeloma.

To develop and validate clinically a tool that can be used by Radiologists to perform analysis of lesion burden and ADC quantification before and after treatment in a user friendly way.

Target Users:
Hematologists, Oncologists and Radiologists.

Implications for Patient Care:
- WB DW imaging could be used in conjunction with conventional laboratory assessments to improve treatment response assessment;
- WB DW imaging may reduce the requirement for serial bone marrow biopsies for longitudinal assessment in patients with myeloma.

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