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Neural Circuits and Behavior


Carey Lab

Carey Lab

Understanding how cellular and synaptic mechanisms interact within neural circuits to control behavior is a fundamental goal of neuroscience. To achieve that goal, we need a thorough understanding of behavior as well as a detailed knowledge of the underlying neural circuit. With this in mind, we focus our research on the cerebellum, a brain area that is critical for coordinated motor control and motor learning and whose circuitry is relatively simple and well understood. Many of the neuron types in the cerebellum are molecularly identifiable, and existing technologies allow us to target transgenes to specific neuronal populations. By comparing specific aspects of behavior and neural activity across mice in which we have targeted genetic perturbations to different cell types, we hope to determine links between cellular function, circuit activity, and behavior.

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Megan at the email address above.


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To find out more about our lab, contact Megan Carey via email.

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Carey Lab


Carey Lab

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Megan Carey

Principal Investigator

Alice Geminiani

Senior Scientist

Amma Otchere


Ana Machado

Postdoctoral Researcher

Coralie Hérent

Postdoctoral Researcher

Diogo Duarte

2017 INDP PhD Student

Jorge Ramírez

Postdoctoral Researcher

Merit Kruse

2019 INDP PhD Student

Tatiana Silva

Research Fellow


Carey Lab

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