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Molecular and Experimental Pathology Laboratory


Castillo-Martin Lab

Castillo-Martin Lab

The Molecular and Experimental Pathology Laboratory has two main goals: on one side, our research focus is the characterisation of specific molecular signatures in human cancer tissue specimens by combining genomic and phenotypic information, merging tumor mutational status with multispectral immunofluorescence expression results. On the other side, we aim to provide histopathological assessment of animal models and human tissue specimens as part of comparative and experimental pathology.


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To find out more about our lab, contact Mireia Castillo-Martin via email.


Castillo-Martin Lab

Know our Team

Mireia Castillo-Martin, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Ana Soares

Masters Student

Andreia Maia


Hasti Calá

Masters Student

Javier Martin-Fernandez

Research Associate

Mafalda Jacob

Masters Student


Castillo-Martin Lab

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