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Mathematics of Behavior and Intelligence


de Polavieja Lab

de Polavieja Lab

Our decisions, learning experiences and emotions depend on other people, and conversely the patterns in collectives result from interacting individuals. What are the rules of interaction? Which patterns can emerge?

Our aim is to reach a quantitative understanding of individual and collective behavior, including collective coordination, collective decisions and collective intelligence. We approach this problem using a variety of techniques, including behavior, mathematical modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, neurobiology, and molecular biology. We chose to implement this approach in zebrafish and humans.

To know more about the Mathematics of Behavior and Intelligence Lab, visit polaviejalab.org.


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To find out more about our lab, contact Gonzalo de Polavieja via email.

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de Polavieja Lab


de Polavieja Lab

Know our Team

Gonzalo de Polavieja

Principal Investigator

Ana Carolina Pádua

Postdoctoral Researcher

Carolina Gonçalves

Research Assistant

David Méndez

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dean Rance

2019 INDP PhD Student

Dylan Feldner-Busztin

Senior Research Tecnician

Fernando Martin-Maroto

Research Scientist

Jordi Torrents

Research Assistant

Panos Firbas

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tiago Costa

2016 INDP PhD Student

Xiang Li

Visiting Scientist


de Polavieja Lab

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