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Maeurer Lab

Maeurer Lab

We are currently setting up a research and clinical structure to offer cellular treatment for patients with cancer with a strong pre-clinical and clinical interaction i) to better understand the tumor-host relationship, ii) to map the patients ‘private’ mutational burden and iii) to identify the best immunological strategy to fight off cancer using molecular methods, gene transfer, biological therapy guided by imaging technologies. Data from infectious diseases aid to better understand the tumor-host relationship and aid to gauge biologically and clinically relevant HDTs (host directed therapy) concepts.

Clinical Immunology is at the crossroad where biologically and clinically relevant research intersect with clinical practice in infectious disease and cancer, yet there is often not a structured cross-fertilizing interface between these disciplines. To overcome this, the Immunotherapy/ImmunoSurgery Lab is part of a clinical research consortium – Against-Cancer-And-Infection – with the aim to foster fruitful collaborations in research and clinical developments in both areas, infectious disease and cancer.


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Maeurer Lab


Maeurer Lab

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Markus Maeurer

Markus Maeurer, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Bernardo Marinheiro


Carolina Gorgulho

Postdoctoral Researcher

Cristina Afonso

Quality Control Manager

Eric de Sousa


Jéssica Kamiki

Masters Student

Joana Lérias

Postdoctoral Researcher

Matilde Sedas

Masters Student

Patrícia António

Masters Student

Rodrigo Eduardo


Sara Cascais

Research Technician


Maeurer Lab

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